Why is Latin Important?


Latin is an extinct language. In other words, there are no native speakers of it. Latin was the language that the ancient Romans spoke, but over time it fell out of use. However, all of the Romance languages, a large group of related languages, were born from Latin. Romance languages include Spanish, Portuguese, French, and Italian.


Even though Latin is an extinct language, many people still study it in school and use it. Why is that?


First of all, Latin has always been the preferred language of the Catholic religion. Priests often speak it in church and it is used in Vatican, where the Pope lives.


But many students all over the world choose to study Latin for a variety of reasons. Since it is the mother of so many other languages, it can help you to understand where words in those languages came from. If you understand Latin grammar, it can also make grammar in those other languages seem easier. In addition, Latin is the source of many scientific, legal, and political words. Learning it can help one to understand many aspects of Western Civilization.

Vocabulary 好字精選

1. preferred (adj) to describe something liked more than others 更好的;被喜好的;優先的
Photoshop is the preferred software of many photo editors. 

2. priest (n) a teacher/leader in the Christian religion ﹝天主教的﹞神父
The priest talked to the church members about the importance of love.

3. church (n) a building where Christians pray 教堂
Many Catholics only go to church on Sundays. 

4. aspect (n) part/feature 方面,觀點
There were many aspects of the theory that the students still didn’t understand.

5. civilization (n) the society/culture of an area 文明;文明國家;文化
Ancient Egyptian civilization is a popular subject among young teens.

Phrases and Sentence Patterns 句型解析

1. native speaker (expression) a person who learned a language from birth 母語人士
Sage’s dad is from Canada and mom is from Taiwan, so he is a native speaker of two languages.

2. fall out of use (phr) to stop being used 不再使用
Many of the books in the library have fallen out of use because people nowadays prefer to read things in digital format.

3. in addition (phr) moreover, furthermore, also 此外
Jessica is going to travel to the South to see her grandparents this weekend. In addition, she wants to visit some hot springs there.

Exercise 課後練習題

1. Taking the train is the _______________ method of transportation among my friends.

2. Mrs. O’Connor asked the _______________ for advice about her moral problem.

3. Going to _______________ can be a fun experience that may include singing, eating, and even dancing in some parts of the world.

4. One ______________ of the book that Madeline liked was the way it was told like a person was dreaming the story.

5. Chinese _______________ is among the oldest in the world.

6. The school only hires _______________ of English as teachers.

7. Unfortunately, many of the world’s languages are _______________.

8. Jake’s family is moving into a new house because their old one was too small. _______________, they found that neighborhood too noisy.

1. preferred
2. priest
3. church
4. aspect
5. civilization
6. native speakers
7. falling out of use
8. In addition

Comprehension Questions 閱讀理解

1. What is the relationship between Latin and the Romance languages? 
a. Latin is a Romance language. 
b. Latin gave birth to the Romance languages.
c. There is no relationship between them.
d. Latin is used in Western Europe while Romance languages are used in Eastern Europe.

2. Which reason is NOT mentioned that people might study Latin?
a. It is easy to learn and has simple grammar.  
b. It can help you learn other languages.
c. It is the language of the Catholic Church.
d. In can help you understand European culture.


1. 拉丁語和羅馬語系的關聯為以下何者?
a. 拉丁語是羅馬語系之一。  
b. 拉丁語是羅馬語系的起源。
c. 兩者之間無關連。
d. 當東歐在使用羅馬語系時,拉丁語是西歐所在使用的語言。

2. 下列哪一項不是文章提到人們研讀拉丁語的理由?
a. 拉丁語較容易學習且文法簡單。
b. 可以幫助你學習其他種語言。
c. 是天主教所使用的語言。
d. 可以幫助你了解歐洲文化。


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