Travel to the US Visa-Free


Traveling is such a hassle sometimes. On top of everything else, many countries require a visa. Luckily, Taiwanese citizens no longer need a visa if they wish to travel to the United States. This applies only to those who plan to stay in the country 90 days or less. The program that makes this possible is called the Visa Waiver Program (VWP).

旅行有時很麻煩。 除了準備一切事宜,許多國家都要簽證。 幸運的是,如果台灣公民想前往美國,不再需要簽證。 這僅適用於計劃在國內停留90天以內的人士。 使得這一切成真的方案就是所謂的免簽證計劃(VWP)。


To apply, a Taiwanese citizen must go to the official Electronic System for Travel Authorization (ESTA) website and fill out an application form. In addition to paying the $14 application fee, those wishing to travel must also provide their passport information, latest employment information, and contact information. Anyone under 18 must obtain a separate authorization from the ESTA.

台灣公民要申請免簽,必須到電子旅遊官方授權系統(ESTA)網站上填寫申請表。 除了支付14美元的申請費外,那些想去那旅行的人還必須提供護照資料、最新的就業資訊以及聯絡方式。 任何18歲以下的人必須獲得ESTA的個別授權。


Taiwanese citizens wishing to apply are encouraged to do so as soon as possible. Citizens can apply anytime, but it should be noted that processing the application could take up to 72 hours to complete. Travelers’ plans may change or get set back, but luckily the ESTA authorization is good for two years, as long as a citizen’s passport remains valid.

想申請的台灣公民要盡快處理。 公民可隨時申請,但要注意,完成申請可能需要72小時。旅行計畫有可能變動或延後,但幸運的是,公民的有效護照有效期為二年。

This is great news not just for Taiwanese nationals, but for any eligible citizen residing in one of 38 participating countries. The United States is a huge country with an interesting culture. There are many things to see and do there, so take advantage of this opportunity!

Vocabulary 好字精選

1. hassle (n) a troublesome inconvenience  麻煩
Filing taxes is a big hassle.

2. apply (v) to make a formal application or request  申請(+for sth/ to sb)
Have you applied for the job yet? 

3. employment (n) the state of being employed  就業,就職
To find employment, you can look in the newspaper.  

4. authorization (n) the act of getting official permission  (官方)授權
Stanley had to obtain proper authorization before he was allowed to travel.

5. valid (adj.) legally acceptable  合法的,有效的
Are you sure these documents are valid? 

6. national (n) a citizen of a particular country  國民,(國家)公民
Mrs. Weber is a German national. 

7. participate (v) to be involved in  參與,參加(+in)
I didn’t participate in many after-school activities.

Phrases and Sentence Patterns 句型解析

1. on top of (phrase) in addition to  除…之外
On top a stomach virus, Dr. Evans also caught pneumonia.

2. fill out (phrasal verb) to add information such as your name or address in the empty spaces on an official document  填寫,填入(fill in)
Did you remember to fill out the form? 

3. get + set back (get + phrasal verb) to get delayed  延遲,延後
My appointment with Mr. Garlitz got set back. 

4. take advantage of (phrase) to make good use of an opportunity 利用,佔便宜
Let’s take advantage of the good weather and go outside. 

Exercise 課後練習題

1. Sorting through all of the things in this storage room is such a _______________.

2. It takes a lot of time to _______________ for graduate school.

3. During a job interview you are often asked about your previous _______________.

4. A company cannot legally operate without proper _______________ from the government.

5. Is your passport still _______________?

6. He’s a French _______________ wishing to travel to Russia.

7. Marty didn’t behave well, so he wasn’t allowed to _______________ in the game.

8. _______________ missing her flight, Judy lost her passport.

9. Please remember to _______________ the entire form.

10. Rex’s vacation plans _______________ due to the typhoon.

11. Why not _______________ this learning opportunity? It’s a free class!
為什麼不利用這個學習機會? 這是個免費的課程!

1. hassle
2. apply
3. employment
4. authorization
5. valid
6. national
7. participate
8. On top of
9. fill out
10. got set back
11. take advantage of

Comprehension Questions 閱讀理解

1. When can Taiwanese citizens apply for the ESTA?
a. Whenever they want to.
b. 72 hours before they wish to travel.
c. Two years before they wish to travel.
d. This information isn’t given.

2. What is the purpose of this passage?
a. To explain why the United States has many rules for travelers.
b. To inform Taiwanese citizens about a travel opportunity.
c. To emphasize the difficulty of traveling to the United States.
d. To advise Taiwanese citizens to travel as soon as possible.

1. 台灣公民何時可以申請ESTA?
a. 想要時隨時可申請。
b. 旅行開始的72小時前。
c. 旅行的兩年前。
d. 並無告知此信息。

2. 這篇文章的主旨為何?
a. 說明為什麼給去美國的旅客那麼多規則。
b. 告知台灣公民這個旅遊的機會。
c. 強調到美國旅行的困難度。
d. 建議台灣公民盡快去旅行。


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