To Kiss or Not to Kiss: That Is the Question

You’ve probably noticed in movies that many Western people kiss each other on the cheek when they greet. So should you kiss your Western friends when you meet them? Or what about strangers? Before we answer this, it helps to know a little more about who practices this custom, and how.



In Western European countries like Spain, France, Portugal, and Italy, people put their cheeks close together and make the kissing noise, but they don’t actually kiss the other person’s cheek. In Canada, America, and Northern Europe, cheek kissing is much less common, but you may still see it among close friends only. Middle Eastern people also do it, but only between people of the same sex. Don’t forget this, because in Iran you could even be arrested for kissing a person of the opposite sex in public! Finally, in some countries people only kiss one cheek, in others they kiss both cheeks, and in yet others they kiss three times!



As you can see, the rules about cheek kissing vary a lot. So our best advice is to research before you travel. With your foreign friends, just follow their lead. If they do it first, then go for it. And for women, you have control. You don’t have to kiss anybody if you don’t want to!

Vocabulary 好字精選

1. greet (v) something you say or do to say hello to others  打招呼,問候,迎接
The Japanese greet each other by bowing.  

2. stranger (n) a person you don’t know  陌生人
Kids are usually taught not to trust strangers. 

3. custom (n) a tradition or practice  習俗,風俗;慣例,習慣
According to custom, we usually put up a Christmas tree in December. 

4. opposite (n) completely different in meaning. 對立物,對立面
The opposite of ‘thick’ is ‘thin’.  

5. vary (v) to be different  使不同,使多樣化
The products offered by our company vary a lot. 

Phrases and Sentence Patterns 句型解析

1. some…others…yet others (sentence pattern) 有些…有些…還有些…
Some of my friends like to play basketball. Others prefer volleyball. Yet others don’t like sports at all.

2. as you can see (phr) You now clearly know that  正如所見
Thanks for listening to my talk. As you can see, I’m a big fan of this subject. 

3. follow sb’s lead (phr) to do what somebody else is doing  效法…以…為榜樣
If you don’t know what to do in the yoga class, just follow the other students’ lead. 

4. go for it (phr) just do something  努力爭取,冒險嘗試
Tim shouted, “Go for it!” to his friend who was standing at the end of the diving board.

Exercise 課後練習題

1. Shaking someone’s hand is a formal way to ____________ him or her.

2. Little Betty refused to take the candy from the _______________.
3. One ______________ is for the bride to choose three women called bridesmaids to stand beside her during the wedding.

4. Over time, the word sick, which sometimes means ‘gross’ or ‘disgusting’, has taken on the ______________ meaning, ‘cool’ or ‘amazing’.

5. Greeting customs ______________ all over the world.

6. Some people give high fives, others kiss, and ______________ hug when they meet a good friend.

7. Thanks for replying to my invitation. _______________, I’m really looking forward to the party!

8. Amy didn’t know how to swim, so she ____________ the instructor’s _____________.

9. If you’ve never tried sushi, you should _____________!

6.yet others
7.As you can see
9.go for it

Comprehension Questions 閱讀理解

1. Should a man kiss the cheek of a woman in Iran?   
a. Yes, this is acceptable and common.  
b. Only if he knows her well.  
c. No, because cheek kissing is never done in Iran.  
d. No, because they could get in trouble.

2. How does the article answer the question, “So should we kiss our Western friends when we meet them?”     
a. Yes, always.  
b. No, never.      
c. Only if they come from Western Europe or the Middle East.
d. Only if they do it first and we want to.

1.  伊朗的男性應該親吻女性的臉頰嗎?
a. 是的,這是可接受而且常見的。
b. 只有他跟她很熟的情形下。
c. 不行,因為伊朗不允許親吻臉頰。
d. 不行,因為他們可能會惹上麻煩。

2. 這篇文章對以下問題的回答為何:「我們和國外友人碰面時應該親吻他們嗎」?
a. 是的,都要。
b.  不,從來不用。
c. 只有當他們來自西歐或中東時。
d. 只有當他們先這樣做,而我們也想的時候。


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