To All the Brothers and Sisters Out There: Happy Siblings Day!


Taiwan has one of the lowest birth rates in the world. Therefore, chances are you are an only child. However, in the United States, 80% of people have a brother or sister. Maybe that’s why Americans decided to choose a day for honoring our brothers and sisters, called Siblings Day.


Siblings Day is an annual holiday on April 10. Although it isn’t a national holiday, it is officially recognized in most states. India has a similar, though unrelated, holiday called Raksha Bandhan, which is celebrated on August 7.
兄弟姊妹節是一年一度的節日,在每年的4月10號。儘管它不是國定假日,但在大部分的州都已法定承認這個節日。印度有一個類似但無相關的節日,稱作印度兄妹節(Raksha Bandhan),於8月7號慶祝。


So how should one celebrate Siblings Day? For starters, only those who have siblings can really celebrate this holiday. Just like Mother’s Day and Father’s Day, the holiday is meant to honor the bond and relationship between family members. One way you could do this is to buy a small gift or write a kind card for your sibling. Another way would be to take your sibling out for dinner. Many people simply write a nice Facebook post and share a lovely picture of themselves with their sibling.


Thanks to the Internet, this interesting American holiday is now spreading quickly around the world. So next April 10, don’t forget to do something sweet for your brother or sister!

Vocabulary 好字精選

1. sibling (n) brother or sister 兄弟姊妹
You need to write how many siblings you have on the form. 

2. annual (adj)  happening once per year一年的;一年一次的
Christmas is an annual event celebrated in many countries.

3. officially (adj) in a formal/legal/official way官方的;正式的
Even though riding in a car without wearing a seatbelt is officially illegal, many people still do it. 

4. unrelated (adj) not related無相關的
Even though Kevin and Amanda have the same family name, they are unrelated.  

5. bond (n) connection牽絆
Nothing is more beautiful than the bond between mother and child.

Phrases and Sentence Patterns 句型解析

1. birth rate (phr) the rate at which new babies are born in a region/country出生率
The African county Niger has the highest birth rate in the world.

2. chances are (that) (phr) there is a good/strong chance that有機會/有可能可以…
Chances are the Russians are going to win the most medals in this Winter Olympics. 

3. for starters (phr) to start with, to begin 首先;作為開頭
For starters, we would like to order some garlic bread and soup. 

4. take sb. out (phr) to treat somebody to a date, meal, movie, etc. 請人去…(約會、吃飯、看電影等等)
Wendy, could I take you out to a movie this Friday? 

Exercise 課後練習題

1. Nancy is an only child; she doesn’t have any ____________.

2. Our company’s _______________ fair takes place every year on September 1.

3. Killing cows is ______________ banned in most of India.

4. What are you talking about? Everything you just said is ______________ to this conversation.

5. The two boys developed a strong _____________ during their fishing trip.

6. The government is worried because the country’s ______________ is dropping and the population is declining.

7. If you went on a holiday to New York, _______________ you saw the Statue of Liberty.

8. Opening a bank account is easy. ____________, just bring you ID and go into a bank.

9. Madeline’s parents ____________ for dinner at her favorite restaurant after she won the competition.

1. siblings
2. annual
3. officially
4. unrelated
5. bond
6. birth rate
7. chances are (that)
8. For starters
9. took her out

Comprehension Questions 閱讀理解

1. Which of the following is true about Siblings Day?
a. It started in India.
b. It takes place once every two years.
c. It takes place on August 7.
d. It will soon be celebrated in more countries.

2. Which is not mentioned as a possible way to honor one’s sibling?
a. Treat him or her to a meal.
b. Make a short video for him or her.
c. Write something nice on Facebook about him or her.
d. Buy a present for him or her.

1. 下列關於兄弟姊妹節的敘述,何者正確?
a. 起源於印度。
b. 每兩年慶祝一次。
c. 慶祝於8月7號。
d. 很快地會有更多國家慶祝這個節日。

2. 下列哪一項可對兄弟姊妹表達敬意的方式是內文中未提及的?
a. 請他/她吃大餐。
b. 為他/她錄製一段小短片。
c. 在臉書上寫一些關於他/她的好話。
d. 買禮物給他/她。


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