Time Magazine’s Person of the Year: Some Criticisms


Time magazine is published in New York and has the highest circulation for a weekly magazine in the world. The magazine’s most famous feature is its annual ‘Person of the Year’ cover story, which is published at the end of every calendar year.  

People all over the world look forward to the magazine’s annual choice. However, many people have also criticized it.


One major criticism is that the choice is usually a man. In fact, the title was called “Man of the Year” until 1999. Before 1999, there were only three times that women were given a separate title (‘Woman of the Year’, in 1936, 1952, and 1986), and in 1975 ‘women in America’ won the ‘Man of the Year’ title as a group. Since 1999, another group of women won in 2002, and Angela Merkel was the first woman to win on her own in 2015.
其中一件最為人詬病的是--- 風雲人物通常是男性。事實上,在1999年之前標題都是:「Man of the Year」。在1999年以前,女性只有三次得到不同的標題(「Woman of the Year」, 1936年,1952年及1986年),且1975年時,是由「美國的女性」用群體方式贏得了「年度風雲人物」封號。自1999年起,另一群女性在2002年贏得標題,而Angela Merkel(安格拉.莫爾克,德國總理)是第一位以個人在2015年得名的女性。


Another criticism is that American presidents always get the title. Since the list began, every American president except for three of them has gotten the title, some of them twice or even three times.


Time magazine argues that they choose the winner based on whoever was the most influential person in the world that year, and there’s no doubt that American presidents have a big influence on world events.

Vocabulary 好字精選

1. criticism (n) a reason for disapproval批評;評論
Many criticisms of the play were made in the review.

2. publish (v) to release a book, article, magazine, etc. 出版;發行
Nick’s first book was published in the summer of 2011.  

3. circulation (n) the number of units of newspaper, journal, or magazine that are published  (報刊等的)發行量,銷售量
This newspaper has a daily circulation of 50,000.  

4. influential (adj) having a lot of influence有影響的;有權勢的
It is said that Steven Spielberg is the most influential movie director of modern times.
據說Steven Spielberg(史蒂芬史匹伯)是現代最具有影響力的電影導演。

Phrases and Sentence Patterns 句型解析

1. cover story (expression) an article that is featured on the cover of a magazine or newspaper 封面故事
The cover story of this month’s time magazine is about Syria.

2. calendar year (expression) one year from January to December 曆年
How much tax did you pay in the last calendar year?

3. look forward to N/Ving (phr) to be exciting for some upcoming thing 期待+N/Ving
** 注意:與「expect」意義不同,常為台灣的學生誤用。「expect」表「期望、期盼」你認為將會發生的事。「look forward to」有渴望的成份。
Jane always looks forward to the weekend.

4. there’s no doubt that (phr) it is true that 毫無疑問地
There’s no doubt that France is one of the world’s great wine producers.

Exercise 課後練習題

1. Do you have any ____________ about the video that you just watched?

2. After we edit the article, it will be _______________ in our magazine.

3. The magazine’s ______________ increased by three times in the last two years.

4. Who has been the most ______________ person in your life?

5. Today’s _____________ in the local newspaper is about a recent car crash that killed eight.

6. How much money did you and your husband earn in the 2014 ______________?

7. I’m really _______________ meeting your parents!

8. ____________ humans will continue to explore farther and farther into space.

1. criticisms
2. published
3. circulation
4. influential
5. cover story
6. calendar year
7. looking forward to
8. There’s no doubt that

Comprehension Questions 閱讀理解

1. In what year or years did an individual woman win the title of Man of the Year or Person of the Year?
a. In 1936, 1952, and 1986.
b. In 1975.
c. In 1999.
d. In 2015.

2. How many major criticisms are presented against Time magazines Person of the Year award?
a. 0
b. 1
c. 2
d. 3

1. 在以下哪一年,單一女性贏得了年度風雲人物的美名?
a. 在1936年、1952年及1986年。
b. 在1975年
c. 在1999年
d. 在2015年

2. 時代雜誌的年度風雲人物主要有幾個項目最受人批評?
a. 0個
b. 1個
c. 2個
d. 3個


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