The Value of Doing Nothing


We all know that doing exercise is good for us. And of course so are eating healthy food and getting lots of sleep. But did you have any idea that it is also good for you to do nothing?


These days many people relax by looking at their smartphones. Whether you play games, scroll through your friends’ posts on Facebook, or surf the Internet, these are still activities that keep the mind busy, not to mention it is hard on your eyes. In other words, this is false relaxation.



By giving the brain some downtime, we can improve our mental health. Our brain needs this time to recover from information overload. Having some time to do nothing also helps you to have new ideas. Studies show that workers who are able to take breaks are more productive than those who work non-stop throughout the day.   


Therefore, no matter how busy you think you are, it’s always useful to stop sometimes and simply do nothing for a while.


Vocabulary 好字精選

1. scroll (v) to move up or down on a screen 捲起,(卷軸)展開
Scroll down to the bottom and click the “I agree” button.  

2. downtime (n) time when one is not working or doing any action 停工期
The busy mother needed some downtime after taking care of her kids all day. 

3. mental (adj) related to the mind 精神的,心理的,
Christine’s problem was a mental one, that is, she always thought about things too much.    

4. overload (n) too much of something 超載,超負荷
For many people, the lunar new year celebration is a food overload.   

5. productive (adj) able to do lots of work, producing a lot 多產的,肥沃的,富有成效的
Do you think the workers will be more productive if we don’t allow them to check their personal email during work?   

Phrases and Sentence Patterns 句型解析

1. S + has/have any idea that/about/wh- sth. (sentence pattern) S is aware of something  知道,察覺
Do you have any idea where I can find a restroom? 

2. not to mention (phr) used to introduce an additional point that further explains the previous point 更別提
Claire has no desire to travel abroad, not to mention the fact that she can’t even afford it.

3. in other words (phr) said differently  換句話說
Kate is a chatterbox. In other words, she loves talking. 

Exercise 課後練習題

1. ________________ up and you will see my picture at the top of the webpage.

2. Kelly really needed some _______________ after that busy month.

3. Mrs. Lin has a mental _______________ issue that causes her to worry about everything.

4. Going to high school in this country involves a/an ______________ of stress.

5. Most people are at their most ______________ in the daytime.

6. I don’t _______________ whom my boss will hire next.

7. Albert really enjoys his new position _____________ , the salary increase.
Albert 真的喜歡他的新職位,更別提薪水會增加。

8. Marc is really good with kids. _______________, he would make a great kindergarten teacher.

6.have any idea
7.not to mention
8.In other words

Comprehension Questions 閱讀理解

1. According to the article, why is looking at a smartphone “false relaxation”?
a. People don’t feel relaxed when they do it.
b. It is a waste of time to surf the Internet and look at Facebook.
c. Because smartphones can’t help you do exercise.
d. The mind and eyes are still busy.    

2. Which of the following would the author agree with?
a. People who don’t have smartphones are less productive.
b. These days we constantly receive too much information.   
c. Reading the news on your phone is a good form of downtime.
d. It is impossible to recover from information overload.

1. 根據文章內文,為何看手機是「假的放鬆」?
a. 人們這樣做時他們不覺得輕鬆。
b. 瀏覽網路、查看臉書是件浪費時間的事。
c. 因為智慧型手機無法幫你做運動。
d. 心智及眼睛依然很忙碌。

2. 以下選項何者是作者同意的?
a. 沒有智慧型手機的人們較無成效。
b. 這些日子以來,我們持續收到太多訊息。
c. 在你的手機上閱讀新聞是很好的大腦休息時間。
d. 從資訊過量的情況下恢復是不可能的。


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