The Pushkar Camel Fair


Where would you go if you wanted to buy a camel? The Pushkar Camel Fair would be a good start! Every year at the beginning of November, this little town in Northwest India is taken over by people wanting to buy or sell a camel. But don’t say we didn’t warn you: it can get pretty stinky!


Nearly 50,000 camels are sold during the festival. Obviously, the camel is a very important animal to the people of the region. Camels are used for transporting heavy loads, giving tours in the desert, and even for their milk. The exact dates of the camel fair depend on the lunar calendar, with the last day of the event falling on the full moon.


Usually men are in charge of camel sales. Meanwhile, the women shop for jewelry and textiles. In recent times, the festival has become a major tourist attraction, so it can be difficult to find a hotel in town at the time. Visitors come not only to observe all the camels but also to enjoy a wide range of activities such as camel races, mustache competitions, parades, cow beauty contests, and more.  

Vocabulary 好字精選

1. obviously (adv) in a way that is easy to understand or know   明顯地
Rick is obviously not feeling well because he keeps holding his belly.  

2. lunar calendar (n) the calendar based on the moon  陰曆;農曆
On the second day of the first month on the lunar calendar, women go back to see their families.   

3. meanwhile (adv) at the same time  同時間
Kurt always watches TV after dinner. Meanwhile, his sister Jen plays on the computer.    

4. textile (n) fabric or cloth  布料、紡織品
The backpacker bought some scarves in the textile shop.

5. attraction (n) a famous place for tourists  景點
Giant snow walls have become a popular attraction in Japan.

Phrases and Sentence Patterns 句型解析

1. sth. + be + taken over by + sth. (sentence pattern)  接管; 佔領
At this time of the year, the rainforest is taken over by butterflies.   

2. in charge of (phr) responsible for  負責…
Who is in charge of customer relations in this office?    

3. a wide range of (phr) many different kinds of  各式各樣的,各種的
The shop sells a wide range of beauty supplies.

Exercise 課後練習題

1. Fiona and Doug keep staring at each other. ________________ they are in love.

2. There are twelve months in the _______________.

3. The teacher is correcting the exams. _______________, the students are playing outside.

4. Central America is famous for its colorful ______________ worn by both men and women.

5. The British Museum is one of the world’s most popular ______________.

6. The neighborhood around the stadium was _______________ cheering soccer fans after the game was finished.

7. In this company, only the sales staff are ________________ dealing with the customers.

8. Jamie is extremely rich and owns a _______________ cars and motorcycles.

1. Obviously
2. lunar calendar
3. Meanwhile
4. textiles
5. attractions
6. taken over by
7. in charge of
8. wide range of

Comprehension Questions 閱讀理解

1. Which of the following is NOT true about the Pushkar Camel Fair?           
a. People only come to buy or sell camels.
b. It takes place at the end of autumn.
c. It’s an annual event.
d. It happens on different days every year.

2. What do we know about the people in the Pushkar area?    
a. They all have mustaches.      
b. They always ride camels to work.
c. They use camels for various things.
d. They don’t actually like camels.

1. 以下關於「普希卡駱駝大會」的敘述,何者錯誤?
a. 人們只會前往此處購買或販賣駱駝。
b. 發生在秋末時分。
c. 是一場年度盛會。
d. 每年都發生在不同天。

2. 有關住在普希卡這個地區的人民,以下敘述何者正確?
a. 他們都留鬍鬚。
b. 他們總是騎駱駝去工作。
c. 他們利用駱駝來做各種事情。
d. 他們其實並不喜歡駱駝。


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