The Nazca Lines


The Nazca Lines, located in Peru, are a group of designs in the ground made from sand and rock. They’re enormous, and there are hundreds of them. Some designs look like birds, monkeys, or even plants, whereas others are just unusual shapes that don’t look like plants or animals.
納茲卡線條位於秘魯,一系列由沙子與岩石組成的地面圖騰。他們很巨大且有數量有好幾百個。有些圖騰看起來像是鳥、猴子或者是植物 ; 但其他的只是些不尋常圖騰形狀不像植物也不像動物。


Pilots started flying planes across Peru in the 1930s, and soon after people started to become aware of the Nazca Lines. An American teacher named Paul Kosok studied the lines for many years. Maria Reiche joined Kosok. In 1948, Kosok left, but Reiche continued to research the lines for a long time.
1930年飛行員開始飛越祕魯上空,很快地便注意到納茲卡線條。一位美國老師Paul Kosok研究納茲卡線條多年。之後Maria Reiche隨後加入Kosok的研究行列。然而Paul Kosok在1948年離開團隊,留下Maria Reiche繼續長時間的研究。


It is believed that the Nazca people made the lines sometime between AD 1 and 700. Reiche thought that the designs were connected with the stars in some way. In 1985, a scholar named John Reinhard came up with a new idea. He pointed out that the Nazca people were probably using the designs to worship some kind of God that controlled the water. Other scholars have different ideas.
人們相信納茲卡線條是在公元一年到700年之間由納茲卡人所創造的。Maria Reiche認為這些圖騰在某些方面和星象有關。在1985年一位名叫John Reinhard的學者則有不同的想法,他指出納茲卡人民可能藉由這些設計來敬奉掌管水的神。其他學者則有不同的看法。

Vocabulary 好字精選

1. design (n) an organization of elements in a work of art 設計
Look at the design on this dress!  

2. enormous (adj.) very big 巨大的,龐大的
That mountain looks enormous. 

3. research (v) to study something in order to learn more and reach new conclusions 做研究,做調查
Stephanie thinks that there isn’t enough research being done in the field of modern medicine. 

4. scholar (n) a specialist in a particular branch of study 學者
Mr. Atkins is a Latin literature scholar.

5. worship (v) to show honor to a God 崇拜,膜拜
The ancient Egyptians worshipped many deities

Phrases and Sentence Patterns 句型解析

1. Some noun(s) + clause, + whereas others + contrasting clause (sentence pattern) 然而...
Some Americans can speak English and Spanish, whereas others can only speak English.

2. come up with (something) (phrasal verb) to think of an idea or plan 想出
Have you come up with any ideas yet?

3. point out (phrasal verb) to bring attention to something 指出
Danny pointed out that Nick wasn’t wearing any clothes.

Exercise 課後練習題

1. The _______________ on the wall contained many different shapes.

2. Compared to Earth, the sun is _______________.

3. Some scientists travel to Antarctica to _______________ the ice there.

4. Mrs. Zippas is a well-known _______________ of British history.

5. Muslims usually _______________ their God five times a day.

6. _______________ trains arrive on time, _______________ get delayed.

7. Vince _______________ a new study plan tomorrow night.

8. Patty _______________ that Mickey hadn’t taken off his shoes before coming into the house.

1. design/designs
2. enormous
3. research
4. scholar
5. worship
6. Some/whereas others
7. will come up with/is going to come up with
8. pointed out

Comprehension Questions 閱讀理解

1. What do the Nazca Lines look like? 
a. Birds and monkeys. 
b. Strange shapes.
c. Plants.
d. All of the above.

2. What happened in 1948?
a. Kosok decided to leave.
b. Reiche joined Kosok.
c. Reiche began her research.
d. Reiche met with John Reinhard.


1. 納茲卡線條看起來像以下何者?
a. 鳥與猴子。  
b. 奇怪的圖形。
c. 植物。
d. 以上都是。

2. 1948年發生了什麼事?
a. Kosok決定離開。
b. Reiche 加入Koso。
c. Reiche 開始他的研究。
d. Reiche遇到John Reinhard。


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