Chocolate Diamonds®


Diamonds come in a rainbow of bright beautiful colors. They get their color by how they are formed. Different elements mixed in result in blue, green, and pink rocks that sell for millions of dollars. Then there are brown diamonds. For centuries brown diamonds were considered low quality so jewelers didn’t want them. Instead, they were used as tools to drill through rocks and cut other diamonds.


However, in 1986 the Argyle Mine opened in Australia and 80% of its diamonds were brown. So jewelry companies tried to develop a market for brown diamonds. One company named Levain trademarked the name Chocolate Diamonds® in 2000. It was soon after this that brown diamonds took off, with famous celebrities like Rhianna and Jennifer Lopez wearing them on the red carpet. The more popular they became the more expensive they became.
然而,1986年,阿蓋爾礦在澳洲開業且80%的鑽石是棕色的。因此,珠寶公司試圖開發棕色鑽石市場。一家名為Levain的公司在2000年註冊了巧克力鑽石®的商標。就在這之後不久,棕色鑽石開始走紅,像Rhianna和Jennifer Lopez等這樣著名的名人就戴上它們走紅毯。它們越受歡迎就越貴。


Other companies tried to sell brown diamonds by calling them champagne, cognac, and cappuccino diamonds, but chocolate was the name that really took hold. This is because chocolate stirs the senses and creates desire. Levain made Chocolate Diamonds® a billion dollar industry by tapping into the passion and craving that people have for chocolate.

Vocabulary 好字精選

1. element (n) a part of something 元素;組成原因
Cost was a key element in our decision.

2. centuries (n) plural of century. A century is a period of 100 years. 世紀
Those stories have been told again and again throughout the centuries.

3. drill (v) to make a hole in something 鑽
The dentist started drilling my tooth.

4. trademark (v) to register something as a trademark so it cannot be used by anyone else商標
They have trademarked the product name in the US and the UK.

5. champagne (n) sparkling white wine with bubbles that is drunk on special occasions香檳
There are a number of good champagnes available at reasonable prices.

6. industry (n) the people and activities involved in producing something or providing a service行業;產業
Josephine began her career in the banking industry.

7. craving (n) a strong desire for something渴望
She could not understand her sudden craving to eat pizza at midnight.

Phrases and Sentence Patterns 句型解析

1. result in (phrasal verb) to cause (something) to happen導致
The disease resulted in his death.

2. took off (phrasal v) became popular or widely used 起飛
The product took off just last year.

3. tap into (idiom) take advantage of or gain access to something利用
The politician tapped into voter anger and won the election.

Exercise 課後練習題

1. Adding an __________of fun helps children enjoy learning new things.

2. If his family has lived in the United States for __________, why can’t they speak English?

3. Justin asked his cousin to __________a series of holes so he could hang a mirror on the wall.

4. Companies should protect their profits by ______________their ideas and products.

5. They celebrated their win by spraying ______________over everyone.

6. The fast food ______________is working hard to change its unhealthy image.

7. One thing all humans share is a ______________to be loved and appreciated.

8. An earthquake in a big city like New York could ___________thousands of deaths.

9. Her singing career __________after she performed for the Queen in 2010.

10. The new film ___________ our childhood memories because we grew up watching the original series.

1. element
2. centuries
3. drill
4. trademarking
5. champagne
6. industry
7. craving
8. result in
9. took off
10. taps into

Comprehension Questions 閱讀理解

1. Why were brown diamonds used to drill through rock?
a. They are stronger than other diamonds.
b. Because jewelers didn’t want to use them for jewelry.
c. There are too many brown diamonds in the world.
d. Because Rihanna and Jennifer Lopez wore them.

2. Which of the following statements is true according to the article?
a. Green, pink, and blue diamonds were discovered in Australia.
b. Chocolate diamonds were the first ever diamonds to be sold.
c. Brown diamonds have been called champagne and cappuccino diamonds.
d. Brown diamonds are made when drinking champagne and cappuccino.

1. 為什麼棕色鑽石被用來鑽穿岩石?
a. 它們比其他鑽石更堅固。
b. 因為珠寶商不想將它們用於珠寶。
c. 世界上的棕色鑽石太多了。
d. 因為Rihanna和Jennifer Lopez都戴它們。

2. 根據文章,以下陳述何者屬實?
a. 綠色、粉色和藍色鑽石在澳洲被發現。
b. 巧克力鑽石是有史以來第一種被出售的鑽石。
c. 棕色鑽石被稱為香檳和卡布奇諾鑽石。
d. 棕色鑽石是在喝香檳和卡布奇諾時產生的。


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