And Asia’s Best Restaurant is...


Every year, the British magazine Restaurant makes a list of the top-50 restaurants in the world. The list is based on a poll of international chefs, food experts, restaurant critics, and previous winners.


Besides choosing the world’s top-50 restaurants, the magazine also publishes a list of Asia’s top-50 restaurants. For the last three years in a row, the same restaurant has taken the top spot: Gaggan in Bangkok, Thailand.
除了選出全球前五十大餐廳之外,這份雜誌也會刊登亞洲前五十大餐廳的名單。同一間餐廳過去三年都得到了第一名頭銜: Gaggan餐廳,位於泰國曼谷。


Despite it’s location in Thailand, Gaggan is not a Thai restaurant. Rather, it features Indian-influenced cuisine. Chef Gaggan Anand was born in Kolkata, India and moved to Bangkok in 2007 to work in a modern Indian restaurant. Later he did an internship at elBulli in Spain, long considered one of the world’s best restaurants. Back in Bangkok, he opened Gaggan in 2010 with a dream of elevatingIndian cuisine to the level of international fine dining.
儘管地點位於泰國,Gaggan卻不是泰式料理餐廳。反而,是一間受到印度菜色影響的特色餐廳。主廚Gaggan Anand出身於印度的加爾各達,在2007年搬到曼谷並在一家的現代化的印度餐廳工作。接著他到西班牙的elBulli餐廳實習,這是一家長久以來被公認為全球頂級餐廳的其中之一。回到曼谷後,他在2010年開辦Gaggan,希望能將印度料理提升到國際頂級料理之流。


Much like the cooking style developed at elBulli, Gaggan’s dishes are works of experimental art, including things such as edible silver, flavored foam, and balls filled with spices. 

This year, Gaggan also took the 7th spot on the list of the top-50 restaurants in the world.

Vocabulary 好字精選

1. poll (n) a survey民調:投票,選舉
According to most polls, Clinton was going to win the election. 

2. critic (n) a person who reviews movies, restaurants, etc. 批評家;評論家
Most critics hated Adam Sandler’s most recent movie.   

3. cuisine (n) the food of a certain culture or country烹飪;菜餚
Chinese cuisine is popular all over the world. 

4. elevate (v) raise舉起;提升…的職位
The singer’s latest cover song elevated her to the status of a superstar. 

5. experimental (adj) trying new things/techniques實驗性的
Samantha finds most experimental music kind of weird.
Samantha 發現大部分的實驗音樂都有點古怪。

6. edible (adj) can be eaten可食用的
Our company has come up with a new kind of edible cup.

7. foam (n) lots of small bubbles泡沫;滅火泡沫
Our kids love playing with bath foam.  

Phrases and Sentence Patterns 句型解析

1. in a row (adv phr) consecutively 一個接一個地;連續不斷地
Marcus hasn’t eaten anything for two days in a row.    

2. take the top/first spot/place (phr) to win a contest/competition  贏得第一名
Parker took the first place in the marathon. 
Parker 在馬拉松比賽贏得第一名。

3. to do sth. with a dream/goal/hope of V-ing (sentence pattern) to do something with the hope of achieving something 以…為目標做某件事情
Kevin talked to Martin with the goal of convincing him not to break up with Amy.
Kevin 的談話目標是要說服Martin不要和Amy分手。

Exercise 課後練習題

1. The customer ____________ indicated that most people were satisfied with the restaurant. poll

2. The food _______________ wrote a very positive review of the new Indian restaurant.

3. Mexican ______________ includes a lot of tomatoes, beans, corn, cheese, and chilies.

4. The world’s ocean levels have been ______________ for years now.

5. This new _____________ kind of cuisine combines cooking techniques from many different countries.

6. Do you know whether the berries of this plant are ______________?

7. Jason complained to the waiter that the beer had too much _______________ on top.
Jason 向這位服務生抱怨,這杯啤酒的啤酒泡太多了。

8. Nick got 100% on six math exams ____________.

9. Linda ____________ in the 100-meter foot race.
Linda 贏得了百米賽跑的第一名。

10. Brenda sent out several applications ____________ (get) accepted into one of the country’s top universities.
Brenda 寄了幾封申請書,希望能收到其中一間國內頂尖大學的錄取函。

11. Kevin prefers fast food to ____________.

1. trial
2. critic
3. cuisine
4. elevating
5. experimental
6. edible
7. foam
8. in a row
9. took the top spot
10. with a dream of getting
11. fine dining

Comprehension Questions 閱讀理解

1. According to Restaurant magazine, Gaggan is the ______________.
a. Best restaurant in the world.
b. Third best restaurant in the world.
c. Seventh best restaurant in the world.
d. Seventh best restaurant in Asia.

2. What do we know about the cuisine prepared at elBulli in Spain?
a. It is Indian-influenced.
b. It is Thai.
c. It is experimental.
d. It includes edible silver.

1. 根據『餐廳』雜誌所寫,Gaggan餐廳是______________。
a. 全球最棒的餐廳
b. 全球排行第三的餐廳
c. 全球排行第七的餐廳
d. 亞洲排行第七的餐廳

2. 我們知道西班牙的elBulli餐廳所準備的餐點為以下何者?
a. 受到印度料理影響。
b. 是泰式料理。
c. 是實驗性的料理風格。
d. 有包含可食用銀箔。


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